GEAR for the team

GEAR for the team

What, are you going to practice? Do you play football? Do you practice somewhere? So you're familiar with the concept of «pack a bag»

Pack a bag

You can collect everything you need on this page

and we will deliver the bag to your locker room. Choose with a margin, but if you are a born admin or the youngest and you have been assigned to deal with the uniform, then we will help you pick up game kits for the team.

Determine what will be in the bag. Place an order on the website and send it to us.

After clarifying all the questions and receiving payment, we launch the production of your cool game kit.

As soon as everything is ready, we will send you the whole set by courier.

Place an order

Come in, we have 4 lockers for you. Choose products from the sections and collect an order worth more than 15k rub. – we will collect your bag and send it to wherever you are.

What will go in the bag?

choose generously

For whom?
game uniform
training uniform
Игровая форма
Тренировочная форма
Спортивная одежда
Игровая форма
Тренировочная форма
Спортивная одежда

What will go in the bag?

Choose with a margin



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